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Monday, December 07, 2009

Need Help With Stewardship?

I went to Kansas City back in October for the Church of the Resurrection Leadership Institute with my annual stewardship sermon series already planned out. It was 3 weeks and was going to be from the book of Acts and was going to be titled "Enough." I had also written the fist letter to be mailed out to the members of the church. While I was at COR (short for Church of the Resurrection) I was told of a new resource put out by the church called, Enough, Experiencing Joy Through Simplicity and Generosity. This included a book by Adam Hamiltion which basically is his sermons on stewardship written out, and a workbook that included a timeline, letters, emails, sermon outlines, print pieces and a bunch of other stuff plus a DVD with videos and electronic copies of everything. This was a small church pastor's dream! On the plane ride home I was able to read the small book and it contained some of the best stewardship sermons and illustrations that i have read. If you are looking for a stewardship campaign and could use some help consider using Enough.