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Friday, January 26, 2007

Really, What was Michael Vick thinking?

Michael Vick did get exonerated for his water bottle episode but SNL had a good skit about it.

Thursday, January 18, 2007

The Battle of the Bulge

I have not exercised in the five months Chloe has been with us. Needless to say i have put on a few pounds, (up to 225ish). So today i went to the gym to start the slow track back to getting in shape, (200). I ran for 20 minutes and did 40 push ups and 40 dips. That's when my shoulder started to hurt and i stopped. I am looking forward to the pain i will experience in the morning.

Saturday, January 13, 2007

Playoffs, Round 2

I love sports, but when my teams loose i get over it 5 minites later, I'm not one of those guys that the worlds stops when their team loses. That being said, a day has not gone this week that i don't ache because of the Cowboy game last week. Please continue to pray for me and more importantly for Tony Romo. Thanks.
Last week I was 3-1
This week
Colts 28, Ravens 24
Eagles 17, Saints 35
Seahawks 21, Bears 17 Nobody is picking Seattle so i will
Patriots, 21, Chargers 24

Thursday, January 11, 2007

For all you sir mixalot fans

an oldie but a goodie. Can any of you name any other sir mixalot songs? I've got 2.

Saturday, January 06, 2007

Cowboys choke:(

heart breaker. It's going to be tough to preach tomorrow. What a crazy game. The good news is that they deserved to lose. What a crazy year for the Cowboys. Down then really up and just about the worst ending to a season you could have.
Here are a couple of questions i have. Why did the Cowboys not attack Seattle's defencive backs? Not one deep pass all game. Only threw to TO 3 times. What about Romo? I still believe in Romo but you have to wonder if he will be able to recover from this. First last week's play and then the fumble of the snap tonight.
It's a long time to September. They will be back. I guess i'm pulling for the Saints now.

Go Cowboys!!

Chloe and I will be pulling for the Cowboys tonight. I am pumped as i get to watch it live, i usually watch games on tivo because of church and youth group. The cowboys will fix there defensive problems and Romo will not turn the ball over. Barber I believe will start tonight and have a huge game. Three touchdown passes by Rome and the Cowboys will win 35-21.
My other picks for round 1 are:
Colts 40 Chiefs 35
Giants 10 Eagles 28
Jets 10 Patriots 24

Thursday, January 04, 2007

Reading the Gospels

I was having lunch with my friend andrew and he was telling me about the youth specialities conference. One of the speakers Ray VanderLaan said

if you call your self a disciple of Jesus and are not constantly reading the gospels you are on crack
(my interpretation). The Holy Spirit spoke to me and i decided that was what i was going to do. For 2007 i am going to read one gospel a week for 52 weeks. I originally was going to rotate through the 4 but then i thought i would spend a month on each gospel. If my math is right that is 13 times and 3 months on each gospel. I started early and am in my 3rd reading of Luke and have already been blessed. I am reading a different translation each time through as well, I started with the TNIV, then the Message, then the NLT, and finish with the NRSV. Lets pray this is one resolution i can keep.