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Thursday, January 04, 2007

Reading the Gospels

I was having lunch with my friend andrew and he was telling me about the youth specialities conference. One of the speakers Ray VanderLaan said

if you call your self a disciple of Jesus and are not constantly reading the gospels you are on crack
(my interpretation). The Holy Spirit spoke to me and i decided that was what i was going to do. For 2007 i am going to read one gospel a week for 52 weeks. I originally was going to rotate through the 4 but then i thought i would spend a month on each gospel. If my math is right that is 13 times and 3 months on each gospel. I started early and am in my 3rd reading of Luke and have already been blessed. I am reading a different translation each time through as well, I started with the TNIV, then the Message, then the NLT, and finish with the NRSV. Lets pray this is one resolution i can keep.


Anne Margaret said...

OK - lame parishoner question: what exactly are "the gospels"? Are they all the books of the New Testament? The first four? Just Jesus' speeches? All of his red-type words?

What a neat idea to cycle through them in different tranlations. My favorite go-to version is my kids' NIrV Kids' Study Bible. When I just can't figure out what is going on, it always makes thing clear.

Gordon Pruitt said...

Good question. I mean them here as matthew, mark, luke, and john.