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Friday, August 17, 2007

A good name for a church or not?

We are vacationing in the Outer Banks this week and we saw this church trailer. We assume the name for the church is taken from Acts 2:2 and is meant to reference the Holy Spirit and the mighty winds that come off the ocean. However, that was not my first thought. What about you?


gavin richardson said...

i'd say there will be a time where it will be a bad name (that time will either be a hurricane or just over all time people will get bored of it). for now, kinda gimmicky so people will like it.

Gordon Pruitt said...

you are a much better person than I. My response went straight to gas. I hope more people are like you than like me.

Anonymous said...

my mind went straight to the mockumentary with the same name.

jeff said...

Right away I thought of the preacher.