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Saturday, February 23, 2008

2 years ago today....

Karis had her kidney removed. Hard to believe its been 2 years. i did not even realize it until Leigh Ann told me. Karis had something called nephroblastomatosis. I could be wrong but from what i understand/remember nephroblastomatosis is when the kidney continues in its embryonic state and continues to grow at a rapid rate. Her kidney should have been about 4 cm but hers was 14 so they had to remove it. Though it might sound strange this ended up being a blessing. Our urologist thought it was cancer after the first tests. We were also told to expect cemo after surgery even if it was not cancer. That did not happen either. Karis is a normal as normal can be and with the exception of playing football she should be able to anything she wants. Below is a picture of her a few days post surgery and one from Christmas

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Justin said...

i'll see if i have any left. what size do you wear these days?