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Friday, March 07, 2008

The Hermeneutics Quiz

Before you take this quiz that was designed by Scot McKnight,
which of the following 3 categories do you think you view of the Bible will fit..

Conservative, Moderate, or Progressive?
After you take the quiz go here to see what it means and in the comments let me know what you thought you were, and what the quiz said you were and do you agree. Mine are in the comments.


Gordon Pruitt said...

Before the quiz i would have said that i interpret the Bible as a borderline conservative/moderate. My results said i was a progressive though a low progressive. My score was a 68 and the progressive range was 66-100.
Though surprised this makes sense.

Chris said...

We tied...I also scored 68, a progressive. Hmmm....

Justin said...

i would have thought that i was borderline progressive/moderate (even though I am sure that you thought i was progressive). i scored a 75 and, therefore, came up a progressive. interesting that all the famous names in Christian post-modernity scored in the 60s as well.