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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Doctor of Ministry 1

Earlier in the year I decided to pursue my Doctor of Ministry degree and finished my first set of classes last week. I had an awesome time. I am sad to say this but for the first time in my academic career, (high school, college, seminary) I wanted to learn. In the past it was a means to an end. Better late than never. Over the next several days I hope to blog about some of the really cool things that took place during the 2 weeks. Today I want to spend a few moments talking about track i chose and the people i got to spend 2 weeks with.
I am taking the Missional Evangelism track at Wesley Theological Seminary. I choose this because of the topic, the professors, and the location (Washington DC). One thing I have always loved about Wesley has been its diversity, and this class was no different. Here are some of the unofficial stats:

Luthern- 1
Baptist- 1
AME- 3
Korean Methodist- 1

Gender and Ethnicity
5 white women (serving in DL, MD, OK, Germany, Russia)
3 African American men (serving in VA, 2 NC)
3 white men (serving in TX, FL, VA)
2 African American women (serving in Maryland)
1 Ethiopian (serving in VA)
1 Korean (serving in VA)

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Justin said...

glad to hear that you enjoyed the first set of classes. i found it to be fun as well. the other thing i liked about it is that it was all practical; i could use everything i was learning in my ministry setting. any project ideas yet?