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Monday, August 25, 2008

first day of kindergarten

Today at 7 AM our oldest daughter departed for kindergarten. While i am excited as is Jordan, i was surprised how emotional it was for me. I figured it would be for Leigh Ann, but not for me. How is she going to know where to go? How is she going to survive 2 hours on the bus? Who is going to help her with her lunch? What if someone is mean to her? We get to wait 9 hours, thats right, she will be gone from 7-4! Please pray for Jordan and more importantly for her parents!


Justin said...

is the school that far away from your house? i don't think i would survive that long on the bus. i am sure she will be fine. camdyn just started school last week. they are resilient.

Gordon said...

yes! the bus picked her up at 7:05 and she got home at 4:15. We are at far away from the school as you can be and they go a crazy way. We are debating to take her or not, but will give it a week or so.