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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Neighbors Food Pantry Starts Today!

Today is a big day in the life of St. Matthew's Church as the Neighbors Food Pantry opens today at 5 PM. One thing that we are doing to make this food pantry different is to create community by inviting all food bank participants to come to the Wednesday night dinner to share a free meal with others from the church. Often when we serve the poor we unintentionally do it in a way that you have little to no interaction with the participants. Our hope is that this will provide opportunities where community can be created. Please be in prayer for us as we enter into this new ministry. Who knew that there is Spam Lite?

We were blessed to have donated to us some nice shelves and 3 refrigerators.

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Justin said...

i am impressed gordon. food pantries are one thing, inviting strangers to eat with you is another. however, that is what christ would do. too many churches want to help, but keep the people they are helping at an arm's length. hope this works for you and everyone involved gets to see the power of Christ's love in your acts of compassion. i will be praying for you guys.