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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Jesus Wants to Save Christians 6

Chapter 6 and the Epilogue of Jesus Wants to Save Christians closes out the book as any Christian book should, with hope. The title of this chapter is Blood on the Doorposts of the Universe, an obvious reference to the Passover. Rob and Don connect the Passover Meal, to the last supper, to Jesus on the cross, to the mission of the Church. The solution to Exile, because of God’s grace is Eucharist. Eucharist (sounds like a body part that can be removed) is best translated and described as good gift. “Jesus is God’s good gift to the world.” The Eucharist is the meal that Jesus shared with his disciples before he was betrayed. Passover becomes Eucharist, it is the blood on the door. Jesus’ death is what brings all the world together. Just as Jesus is God’s good gift to the world, so are we to be God’s good gift to the world by dying with Christ. It is this death that unites us, which leads to resurrection and Pentecost.


Alison said...

Blood on the doorposts was the key to the exit from oppression. Rob and Don say it best:
The church gathers so that we will spur each other on to live a particular way day in and day out. These gatherings aren't the end; they're the beginning. They put things in perspective, they remind, they provoke, they inspire, they challenge. The sermon is a catalyst that inspires us into whole new ways of seeing our lives. It's about converting all of that ability and energy into blessing for those on the underside of power. The church says no to the animating spirit of religious empire, the one which leads Christians to look no different than the world around them.

God doesn't just want to save us; God is looking for a body, a people to incarnate the divine. We're invited to join the God of the oppressed in doing something that involves hearing the cry of the oppressed and then acting on their behalf. It isn't just about trying to save the world. Jesus wants to save church from the exile of irrelevance. It comes from being captivated by a great cause - one so massive and compelling that you'd sell everything you have to be a part of it. A group of people taking the bread and the cup, asking, "What now, Jesus?" Jesus wants to save us from making the good news about another world and not this one. What if the "do this" was his whole way of life? When we do this in remembrance of him, the world will never be the same; we will never be the same.

Mark Justin Josephs said...

Great points Bro...