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Friday, September 22, 2006

A Big Bite of a Mistake

I had a meeting in Northern VA this morning and had to be back in Richmond by 2 for a wedding rehearsal. I left later than planned and stopped by 7-11 because of the time crunch for lunch. As i was going in a saw a sign that said Big Bites 2 for $1.99. I'm cheap and that sounded like a good deal. So i fixed the hot dogs up and got back into the car. Midway through the first Big Bite i knew i had made a mistake. That was my first and last "Big Bite."
What food does you in?


chris said...

What?! You can't handle a couple of hotdogs? I am worried about you my friend.

I haven't met a food that does me in, yet. But I will say that raw (not cooked) tomatoes make me throw up.

Anne Margaret said...

A blogging pastor?! Does it get any better than this?!! We're glad to be visiting at St. Matthews. Amy Joyner steered me to your blog.

I have to "weigh in" on the food issue - the onion rings/frings at CheeburgerCheeburger guarantee no more food consumption that day. Of course, they have the caloric value of the entire day's intake...