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Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Highlights from my Trip to Kansas City

Thursday thru Saturday I addend the UMerging Colloquy at the United Methodist Church of the Resurrection in Kansas City, Kansas. Below are the highlights and lowlight of the trip.

-missed my first flight because of traffic in I 95. Still made it to the conference in time!
-on the connecting from Dulles to Chicago I was asleep before we took off and did not wake up until we landed. That is the way to travel!!
-got to hear
Adam Hamilton and Brian McLaren speak. Hamilton was OK but McLaren was great!! I’ve heard him speak several times and he usually confuses me, but this was the best I have heard from him. For some notes from the talk click here.
-I helped lead worship for the first time in years (since I’ve had children). This is a real stretch as my friend Andrew really lead it, I stood beside him pretending to strum my guitar. Thank you Daniel for asking me to do this. Daniel by the way is the Hispanic Adam Hamilton.
-Was part of a group of 60 United Methodist for the UMerging Colloquy that had a “conversation” about the emerging church. Meet some cool people who are doing some really awesome stuff including this one pastor who has a fight club Bible Study in a Tattoo parlor!
-Our UMerging Colloquy meet in the basement of the COR amongst the food pantry and donated computers. My first thoughts were this is lame but after reflecting it was the perfect place to meet.

-Had our church web site inadvertently put with other churches that are considered emerging. This was very funny as I am sure that our church is not any where close to be emerging, not that it is a bad or a good thing. I asked for it to be taken down and it was quickly. That you Susan!!.
-Had to read a great article by Hal Knight professor from St. Paul Seminary in Kansas City about how the UMC and the Emerging Church fit.

-Had breakfast on Saturday morning with Rev. Mark Holland, friend who is serving the poor in Kansas City. Pray for him and his ministry, and that he would become a Yankee fan.

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gavin richardson said...

you did some great 'pretending' to strum. i really liked daniel, he could be hispanic adam hamilton, or just his own person.