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Wednesday, November 29, 2006

"All I Want for Christmas is...."

For Advent this year I am stealing, borrowing, a sermon series from Michael Slaughter of Ginghamsburg Church. The idea of the series is to finish the sentence, "all I want for Christmas is" from the prospective of Jesus.
I thought that was an awesome idea so we are using it.
At Ginghamsburg these were his sermons:
"all i want for Christmas is for you"
to love one another
to have full term faith
to remember the poor
to remember the child

At St. Matthew's this is what we are going to do:
"all I want for Christmas is for you"
to remember who and what Christmas is about
to have full term faith
to remember the poor

I am still praying and thinking about what the other 2 sermons will be. If you were to finish the statement from Jesus' perspective what would some of your answers be?


Jeremy said...

I just thought I'd stop by and say Hey! Figured I'd read through your blog since you gave it to Laura and I a few weeks ago. Sounds like a lot of good times!

Gordon Pruitt said...

just in case anyone was wondering about the other 2 sermons they are:
4th Sunday is- To believe in the miraculous,
Christmas Eve night - to have salvation.