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Tuesday, March 06, 2007

The Missional Church

The 2 years i was a Lewis Fellow i met some awesome people. Among the coolest and perhaps the most intelligent person in the world today, (I'm not kissing up to this dude,) Dwight Zscheile (I googled Dwight's name after i wrote this and found an article that he wrote about the Missional church) introduced me the the Missional church. I still don't fully understand the Missional Church but one definition of it is,

"A missional church is a community of God's people who live into the imagination that they are, by their very nature, God's missionary people living as a demonstration of what God plans to do in and for all of creation in Jesus Christ."
Instead of having a program for missions or evangelism the very nature of the church is mission and evangelism, there is no seperating. Anyway, Dwight recommend 2 books, the seminal book on this topic, Missional Church and The Missional Leader. I got these books in July but have not read them yet. Today is the day of salvation and i am going to start. As i go through these book i will try and provide a summery on what I've read.
Also check out this website.


Missional Jerry said...

welcome to the missional discussion

Anne Margaret said...

That website was really eye-opening. What a different perspective than I've ever known, but that's good right?

John Wesley said...

Dearest Sibling in Christ,
Little journeys hither and thither have for these two or three weeks taken up much of my time. You know I am a busy kind of mortal; however, I am always glad to see my old friends. Keep fighting the good fight! Remember to first do no evil, second to do nothing but good and third to continue to attend to the ordinances of God.
Wishing you every gospel blessing;
I remain, dear James

(I, too, was once known as a Bible Moth. Let us keep the good company!)