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Thursday, May 10, 2007

2 home runs in one night

The first home run came at our worship committee meeting as we agreed to move forward with a 3rd worship gathering! This worship gathering (service) will be alternative, contemporary, postmodern, nonorgan, type of thing. I'm pumped as i have waited 2 years to do this! This service will be at 9:45 and will start in September. Will keep you posted.
After the meeting i rushed to our church softball game, (i missed the first one because of the meeting). First at bat i doubled, second at bat with the bases loaded i flied out but it was a sacrifice fly. Last at bat i go yard with the bases empty. As i stepped on home plate, the question start coming, "why didn't you do that with the bases loaded?" They started calling me A Rod. I quickly pointed out that ARod would not homer in a 1 run game like i did but only in a game that was already decided. Where is the love? It's sad when the church softball team doesn't give you any grace. We won by 3.


Anonymous said...

Whoooo Good For Us

Amy said...

The new service sounds exciting! I'd love to hear more details.