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Saturday, May 05, 2007

Northern Virginia and khakis

Dan Kimbell's has a great post about observations he made this week while being in Northern Virginia. Everywhere he looked he saw guys wearing khakis, a blue blazer, an oxford shirt, and a tie.

"I felt like there is some supernatural unspoken dress code, or that we were in some school district uniforms were required. But we weren't. "

I must confess, this is my ideal choose of clothing and do consider northern VA home. If i had my way i would never wear a tie. Unfortuantely no body asked me and i our church is not there yet. So when i have to dress up i try to dress down as much as possible which is why i often wear khakis, a blue blazer. I still dream of the day where i won't have to wear a tie at St. Matthew's.


Anne Margaret said...

Let your dream loose on the world (or just St. Matthew's) - declare a casual Sunday sometime this summer - and be everyone's hero!

Jeremy said...

I don't know, a lot of us are already pretty casual. I generally wear khaki's and a polo shirt, or sometimes even just a sweatshirt.

Although, I don't have to stand up in front of everyone. :) Thankfully.