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Saturday, April 05, 2008

"Server is Too Busy"

I am behind in my sermon prep this week. My wife and i celebrated our 6th anniversary by going to Myrtle Beach for a few days and I did not start working on my sermon until yesterday. And it is not going to well. So i started doing what i do when my sermon is not going well. I've prayed more than normal, I've called up a few friends and asked for old sermons or illustrations, (got hold of one friend but the stuff he gave me is not going to work). Today i want to a preaching website, and i did a search for my topic, (hospitality) and the response was: SERVER IS TOO BUSY. I guess i'm not the only one!!
Anyway got to have the sermon done before the final four starts tonight.


composer said...


Seems like that is your title:

"Server is Too Busy."

Kind of funny - you want to do a "hospitality" sermon and the "server" is too busy. That should work for some sermon.

Justin said...

you got one of the final two teams correct. shockingly it is memphis. cheer on those tigers tomorrow.